Palmetto Primary Care Physicians is proud to offer the following health and wellness classes and resources to our patients at no additional cost. 

​If you are interested in attending any of the classes available below, or would like to be connected to our resources - ask your Palmetto Primary Care Physicians provider for a referral! 


Pre-Diabetes Education 

Taught by a pharmacist and a registered dietitian, this class will cover risk factors for diabetes, blood sugar goals, symptoms of high blood sugar and provide practical education on using a healthy diet and exercise to prevent progression to diabetes and complications arising from uncontrolled blood sugar. 


Weight Management & Living Well 

Taught by a registered dietitian and behavioral health specialist, this class focuses on nutrition and behavioral changes for creating healthy habits to help you succeed with weight management. 

Diabetes Education

 Education is key to understanding diabetes and why it is important to control your blood sugar! Taught by pharmacists and a registered dietitian, this class will review the following topics, including: why your body has trouble processing sugar, your blood sugar goals, and how to use diet, exercise and medications to help manage sugars, prevent diabetes related complications and maintain your quality of life..

Smoking/Tobacco Cessation

Our one hour smoking cessation class is led by a behavioral health specialist, who will review medication options, nicotine replacement therapies, and strategies to change habits.