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Access to your medical provider from the comfort of your work or home. ​

Skip the Wait Room. Televisits combine high-quality healthcare with technology to connect you and your medical practitioner outside of the traditional office setting. This type of "virtual visit" allows patients the flexibility of accessing their medical provider from the comfort of their home or office, with the use of any device with video chat capabilities.  Televisits are convenient, affordable and save time. 

    • Reasons to Consider Scheduling a Televisit:                  ​
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​​Interested in scheduling a Televisit today? Call your physicians office today!  


 ​What should you do next?

​1. Review these 6 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Telemedicine (Telehealth) Appointment 

(Click here to view document: Telehealth Tips for a Successful visit.png)​​ ​ 

2. Decide what device you will use to connect during your televisit. ​The device you select will determine how you can log in to the appointment. *Video and microphone capabilities must be available on the device you use  

 ​Watch this introductory video

​This short 3-minute video will walk you through logging in for your televisit.

Want step-by-step instructions that you can print? 

Please select from one of the following: 

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                        DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE:                                 DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE:                                    DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE:

        ​Logging into your Televisit via Patient Portal.pdf            Logging into your Televisit via a Confirmation Email.pdf   Logging into your Televisit via Healow App.pdf