​​Our Mission:

The mission of Palmetto Clinical Research, a division of Palmetto Primary Care Physicians, is to provide each patient with the highest quality of care by maintaining excellent ethical standards throughout the clinical trial.  We believe it is our staff that makes us stand out above the rest. Below are some facts regarding any concerns you may have regarding research studies:

- Most physicians are within the Palmetto Primary Care Physician (PPCP) network and communicate with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) regularly

- You will continue your care with your established PCP physician (except those visits to Palmetto Clinical Research for study related appointments)

 - You may be compensated (paid) for your time and travel ​

How can I contact you?

Call us at (843) 851-7098 or visit our website at www.PalmettoClinicalResearch.com for more information about our current studies.